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The Night Logan Woke Up Music By Hans Zimmer & David Fleming

In October of 1991, an unspeakable event rocks a small town in Quebec, haunting a family who tries to hide their dark secret; thirty years later these secrets resurface, sending the family on an unstoppable pursuit of reconciliation. The Night Logan Woke Up is an adaptation of the play by Michel Marc Bouchard. Spread over 5 episodes, the series explores the relationships between different members of the same family, who meet up years after a tragedy that separated them. Gradually, grudges re-emerge, intertwined with grief and an unstoppable quest for reconciliation. 

Available everywhere now, the soundtrack features music by Hans Zimmer and David Fleming. For his very first series, the director, Xavier Dolan, has collaborated with Hans Zimmer and David Fleming, who previously worked together on Hillbilly Elegy or The Unforgivable.  

The original music composed by the duo is based on themes that are at once graceful and dramatic. The rhythm is slow and steady, supported by expressive string layers. Themes of harps, guitars and synthesizers complete an atmospheric score. The theme of the series (About Logan) offers a more intense rhythm with tense strings exploiting the dark and dramatic side of the series. 

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