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The Concert Music By Armand Amar

The Concert is the new film from Radu Mihaileanu, the acclaimed writer/director of Live and Become, starring Melanie Laurent (Inglorious Basterds), Francois Berleand (Transporter series), and Alexei Guskov. In this new emotionally engaging comedy, Guskov stars as Andrei Filipov, a once celebrated Russian conductor of the Bolshoi who has hit rock bottom and is now working as a depressed custodian who drinks too much. But when he intercepts an invitation meant for this former orchestra to perform in Paris, Andrei masterminds a plan to pose as the leader of the group in order to make a triumphant return to the music scene.

The Concert‘s music includes a variety of Classical, Russian and gypsy gems and features Tchaikovsky‘s moving Violin Concerto, which marks the film’s emotional, tear-jerking climax.

The original score to the film was composed by Armand Amar. French of Moroccan origin, Amar spent his childhood in Morocco imbued with the sounds of instruments considered exotic at the time. Autodidact, he was constantly searching for physical experiences in the early years of his musical education, whereas in the following years his search became a commitment; he learned to play tablas, discovered the zarb and congas, and studied under various masters of traditional and classical music.

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