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Marginalia II Music By Masakatsu Takagi

Japanese composer Masakatsu Takagi has gained worldwide recognition for his beautiful musical work for the animated features of Mamoru Hosoda : Wolf Children, The Boy And The Beast and more recently Mirai (which has been nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Animated Feature).
A videographer and a pianist, Takagi-san lives in the mountains near the city of Kyoto. In his remote home he records in one take improvised piano lullabies and pieces inspired by several Buddhist concepts close to his heart. He calls these pieces Marginalia.
This second album is a collection of more these musical poems, Marginalias!
Following the release of this album, Milan Records and Takagi Masakatsu will release a new piece digitally every week with the goal of eventually sharing 102 piano pieces with his fans worldwide!

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