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Howards End Music By Nico Muhly

Howards End is a 2017 four-part television drama series based on the novel of the same name by E. M. Forster (published in 1910). The series is adapted by Kenneth Lonergan and directed by Hettie MacDonald.
Encounter of three social classes of England at the beginning of the 20th century : the Victorian capitalists (the Wilcoxes) considering themselves as aristocrats, whose only god is money ; the enlightened bourgeois (the Schlegels), humanistic and philanthropic ; and the workers (the Basts), fighting to survive. The Schlegel sisters’ humanism will be torn apart as they try both to softly knock down the Wilcox’s prejudices and to help the Basts.

Modern classical composer Nico Muhly wrote the beautiful and elegant piano driven score to Howards End. His score is nominated for a BAFTA for best music in a TV series.
Howards End premieres on Starz on April 8, 2018

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