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The Walking Dead: Dead City Music By Ian Hultquist

Expanding the universe of the award-winning, record-breaking The Walking Dead, the series’ first sequel, The Walking Dead: Dead City, follows fan-favorites Maggie and Negan to NYC. The city is filled with the dead and denizens who have made New York City their own world.

Composer Ian Hultquist’s immersive, dark and ominous score will transport you to post-apocalyptic Manhattan. Similar to the show, the music is dark and industrial, using sampled organic and environmental sounds. Sampled in abandoned warehouses and various other deteriorated areas, these sounds include banging on pipes, vibrating grain silos, playing instruments such as brass and guitar sounds and repitching, looping, and reverberating them in the studio. 

Of the score, Hultquist says “[I had] a few friends design samples & sounds specifically for the show. They helped create a lot of the booms & percussion, and the drones in [episode 5]. My assistant Ben Van is an avid field recordist and spent his holiday break in Maine recording sounds in abandoned warehouses. They literally look like Dead City sets.”

The underscore supported vulnerable moments in the show, using strings, drums, synths, Therevox, distorted Baritone guitar, and Guitarviol.

The 20-track album is now streaming and the series is available now on AMC and AMC+.

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