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Moonbeam City Music By Night Club

As a Moonbeam City Cop, the only music I hear is the beat…of the street. The hum of the neon lights on Thrustwood Avenue. The circle-crack of a raging storefront fire. The crunch of a bastard crook’s face, as I slam his teeth first into a dumpster. The screams of the guy’s wife, because he was just a passing jogger. Look, lady, people make mistakes. Get off my back!
Now that I think of It, the beat of the street is total dogs hit. I prefer actual music. And this album is chock full of it. So crank up your laser phonic spectracones, pour yourself a glass of Crystal Minotaur, and prepare… to be dazzled.

Dazzle Novak – Moonbeam City PD

The synth-heavy, 80s influenced score to Moonbeam City is composed by LA based electronica duo, Night Club.

Moonbeam City airs every Wednesday evening after South Park on Comedy Central.

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