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A Jazzman’s Blues Music By Terence Blanchard & Various Artists

A sweeping tale of forbidden love, A Jazzman’s Blues unspools forty years of secrets and lies soundtracked by juke joint blues in the deep South. Written, directed and produced by Academy Award honoree Tyler Perry, the film stars Joshua Boone and Solea Pfeiffer as star-crossed lovers Bayou and Leanne. The film features original song “Paper Airplanes” performed by Ruth B., songs arranged and produced by award-winning composer Terence Blanchard, and a score by Aaron Zigman.

A Jazzman’s Blues is soundtracked by some of the most popular juke joint blues of the ‘30s and ‘40s, newly rearranged and produced by Blanchard to be performed by the film’s talented cast. With guidance from music supervisor Joel C. High, the original soundtrack features covers of classic songs by Duke Ellington, Charlie Parker, Jimmy Rogers and more as performed in the film, as well as a new original song by singer-songwriter Ruth B. Meanwhile the original score features instrumental music written by Zigman, who has crafted an emotionally-moving soundscape perfectly to the film’s universal themes.

Of the music, director TYLER PERRY says, “Music has always been the heart of this story. My first decision in creating this soundscape was to bring Terence Blanchard in to help create the sound of this era. His music brilliantly evokes this particular time and place. I also brought in the incredible Aaron Zigman who wrote the underscore for the film that evokes love and loss, joy and heartbreak. Finally, I was overjoyed to work with Ruth B. who wrote and performed our song ‘Paper Airplanes.’ This was a song we wanted to be an instant classic that would sound at home in 1947 as well as today. It speaks of heartbreak and the longing of love that spans distance, time, and tragedy. Ruth B. brought all of that to this magnificent song.”   

A Jazzman’s Blues is now playing on Netflix.

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