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Yuki Hayashi’s My Hero Academia Soundtrack Selection 2021-2023 is now available

The album contains music written by Hayashi for the sixth edition of the acclaimed anime series. In addition to the soundtrack for the sixth season, Hayashi composed the music for the previous five seasons of the famous television series and the three corresponding film installments, My Hero Academia: Two HeroesMy Hero Academia: Heroes Rising and My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission. The original soundtrack with music by Yuki Hayashi from the 6th season of the anime My Hero Academia will be featured on the first disc. The second disc features remasters of My Hero AcademiaSeason 5 and My Hero Academia: The Movie World Hero’s Mission. 

The comic series has sold over 50 million copies worldwide! The TV anime “My Hero Academia” is based on the popular comic series by Kohei Horikoshi that is serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump (published by Shueisha). The story takes place in a world where 80% of the population has some sort of supernatural ability called “individuality”. The story unfolds through the growth, battles, and friendships of Izuhisa Midoriya, a high school student at Yuei School, and his classmates as they strive to become heroes who protect people and society from accidents, disasters, and the criminals and enemies who misuse their “personalities”. The story unfolds through the growth, battles, and friendship of Izuku Midoriya and his classmates.

Yuki Hayashi was born in Kyoto in 1980.  Being an active member in a men’s rhythmic gymnastics team in his early years spawned his interest in BGM while selecting songs to complement performances.  This led him to begin teaching himself music composition while at university, despite not having a background in music itself. After graduating, Yuki acquired the basics of track making under house techno DJ and sound-maker Hideo Kobayashi and started producing his first range of music accompaniments for dance sports.  His experience as a rhythmic gymnast has enabled Yuki to intuitively incorporate an eclectic range of music and produce a unique sound, empowering scenes from TV drama, animation and film. 



  • Weeee Are Fuxkin Super Hero!!    
  • Revengers    
  • We’ll be everyone’s heroes    
  • All for my sake    
  • The Next Me    
  • Dabi Dance    
  • Can’t Face the Grief    
  • I AM NOT HERE    
  • I have to be the one    
  • Look at me    
  • Let’s dance with me, here in hell    
  • About Your Resolve    
  • Assassins from Demon Lord    
  • The Lovely Assassin    
  • A power meant for saving    
  • I want to save that little boy    
  • The Last Wielder    
  • I’m Sorry for Everything I’ve done    
  • Revengers -Plus Ultra ver.-    
  • We’ll be everyone’s heroes -Plus Ultra ver.-    


  • Successor (2023 Remaster)    
  • Different Ability Liberation Army (2023 Remaster)    
  • RE DESTRO (2023 Remaster)    
  • Mine Woman (2023 Remaster)    
  • TOGA’s nature (2023 Remaster)    
  • I Don’t Kill My Friends (2023 Remaster)    
  • What to Inherit (2023 Remaster)    
  • The Mission of the Stealth Hawk (2023 Remaster)    
  • Sound of the Holidays (Instrumental Version – 2023 Remaster)    
  • Humarise (2023 Remaster)    
  • Terrorism (2023 Remaster)    
  • Nerves before dispatch – The story so far (2023 Remaster)    
  • Mysterious Villains (2023 Remaster)    
  • Tactics (2023 Remaster)    
  • Impatience (2023 Remaster)    
  • Wanted criminal (2023 Remaster)    
  • A tough decision (2023 Remaster)    
  • Deku’s whereabouts (2023 Remaster)    
  • Pursuer (2023 Remaster)    
  • Inferiority complex (2023 Remaster)    
  • Rody’s heart (2023 Remaster)    
  • Surprise attack (2023 Remaster)    
  • Relief for humanity (2023 Remaster)    
  • Opposition (2023 Remaster)    
  • Message (2023 Remaster)    
  • Flect’s trap (2023 Remaster)    
  • Fight against the strong (2023 Remaster)    
  • Flect’s thoughts (2023 Remaster)    
  • Surrender (2023 Remaster)    
  • Resolved action (2023 Remaster)    
  • The spirit to succeed (2023 Remaster)    
  • Sacrifice and peace (2023 Remaster)   
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