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chainsaw man vol 2 cover art

Volume 2 of Kensuke Ushio’s Chainsaw Man Score is out now!

Electronic composer and musician Kensuke Ushio has released ten new tracks from his score to one of this year’s biggest new anime series, Chainsaw Man  currently streaming on Crunchyroll.

The Chainsaw Man Soundtrack Vol. 2 album features music written by Ushio for episodes 4-7 from the series and is the second of three volumes to be released while the series airs.

Kensuke’s Vol. 2 EP expands further into the adrenaline-fueled experimental electronic score central to the anime’s action-gore narrative, balanced with softer, peaceful electronic tracks – including fan-favorite track “livingroom,” used in MAPPA’s first teaser for the series and frequently appearing during pivotal emotional moments in the first 7 episodes.

With five episodes remaining in the season, the third and final volume of Kensuke’s Chainsaw Man score will be released at midnight following the season finale on Wednesday, December 28.

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