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After Yang, courtesy of A24

Score Spotlight: “Mizuiro” from the After Yang Soundtrack

For After Yangs “Mizuiro” theme, composer Aska Matsumiya was inspired by one of her favorite songs – Japanese pop-star UA‘s 1996 song of the same name (“水色” which translates to “light blue”). Recorded with cellist Gyda Valtysdottir, Aska transformed UA’s gorgeous melody into a slower, more somber cover that sounds completely different from the original track. While not initially recorded for the film, as she was working on the music for one of the After Yang‘s more poignant scenes, Aska felt it would be the perfect fit. After showing it to director Kogonada, he fell in love with the piece as well. Warm, textured and tinged with a bittersweet sadness, the resulting cover feels entirely enmeshed Aska’s vision for the film’s score.

Listen to both versions & check out the full soundtrack below!

A message from Aska to UA about the track:

UAさんの歌う水色は昔から聞くたびに私の魂に響く歌です。今回,この映画After Yangで使えたことをとても嬉しく思ってます。Thank you UA from Aska 

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