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The Wheel of Time: The First Turn (Amazon Original Series Soundtrack) Music By Lorne Balfe

GRAMMY®-WINNING composer Lorne Balfe’s album of theme music for The Wheel of Time: The First Turn (Amazon Original Series Soundtrack) is available now! This will be followed by three additional soundtrack albums to be released alongside the show’s first season.

The world-building fantasy series from Sony Pictures Television will premiere on November 19 on Amazon Prime Video worldwide.

“The universe of The Wheel of Time is truly unique. Inspired by oral traditions in storytelling, each theme’s voices tell the story of the character, place, or idea in Old Tongue, a language unique to the universe of The Wheel of Time. The score to this series is a re-imagination of fantasy music, doing away with the genre’s reliance on large, traditional orchestras in favor of more modern colors while retaining the strong melodies and bold harmonies that fans can expect from such an epic. It was my honor collaborating with showrunner Rafe Judkins along with our 14th Street Music team and musicians to share The First Turn album with you.” 

Lorne Balfe

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