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The Longest Ride Music By Mark Isham

The score album to The Longest Ride features the orchestral music for the film composed by Mark Isham (Crash, A River Runs Through It, 42, Point Break…).

This adaptation of Nicholas Sparks‘best-selling novel centers on the star-crossed love affair between a former champion bull rider (Scott Eastwood) looking to make a comeback after a tragic accident, and a college student (Melissa Benoist) about to embark on her dream job in NYC’s art world.
While conflicting paths test their relationship, the couple makes an unexpected connection with an old man and his memories of his decades-long love for his cherished wife. Spanning generations, The Longest Ride explores the hardships and rewards of enduring love.

20th Century Fox is releasing the film theatrically on April 10, 2015.

The score album comes out on April 7, 2015 digitally and on May 5, 2015 on CD.

A companion album featuring the songs in the film is also released on April 7.

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