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The Imaginary

Studio Ponoc’s The Imaginary portrays the depths of humanity and creativity through the eyes of young Amanda and her imaginary companion, Rudger, a boy no one can see imagined by Amanda to share her thrilling make-believe adventures. But when Rudger, suddenly alone, arrives at The Town of Imaginaries, where forgotten Imaginaries live and find work, he faces a mysterious threat. Directed by renowned animator Yoshiyuki Momose (Spirited Away), The Imaginary is an unforgettable adventure of love, loss, and the healing power of imagination. 

The groundbreaking hand-drawn animation of The Imaginary is heightened by first-of-their-kind techniques of light and shadow. The Imaginary is based on the beloved and award-winning novel of the same name by A.F. Harrold and illustrated by Emily Gravett (Bloomsbury Publishing). 

Available everywhere now, the album includes score music by Kenji Tamai and agehasprings, as well as the film’s original theme song “Nothing’s Impossible” by A Great Big World featuring Rachel Platten. Set in a one-of-a-kind world where reality and imagination intersect, the beautifully animated film required a soundscape as grandiose and diverse as its many settings, both ordinary and fantastic. From sweeping orchestral pieces to whimsically playful melodies and even hard-hitting action cues, the expansive soundtrack is a poignant companion to the onscreen story, capturing the depths of humanity, creativity and the healing power of imagination.

Included within the soundtrack is the film’s original theme song “Nothing’s Impossible”, written and composed by GRAMMY® Award-winning duo A Great Big World and featuring vocals from member Ian Axel and platinum-selling singer-songwriter Rachel Platten. With its moving piano melody, orchestral strings and soaring vocals, “Nothing’s Impossible” features as the film’s end credits theme, completing renowned animator-director Yoshiyuki Momose’s telling of this unforgettable story. Originally released alongside the film’s Japanese theatrical debut, the song receives a secondary version on today’s soundtrack album, infusing the original with propulsive drums to heighten the already epic ballad. Rounding out the 28-track collection is a gorgeously updated version of Lucilla Galeazzi’s Italian folk song, “Voglio una casa”, newly recorded by the acclaimed 74-year-old songstress specifically for the film.  

“Getting to write ‘Nothing’s Impossible’ for the new Studio Ponoc film The Imaginary was an honor,” says A Great Big World. “We tried our hardest to capture the heart and magic of this beautiful story in our song, which was not an easy task! It was through many meaningful conversations with the team at Studio Ponoc that we finally got there. We thoroughly enjoyed the process. And we love that our friend, Rachel Platten, is a part of this as well! We all started out together playing shows in NYC years back, so it felt serendipitous when her name was suggested to us as a collaborator.”  

“Studio Ponoc’s new film The Imaginary is full of magic and enchantment that guides us through the shadows,” adds Rachel Platten. “The film’s theme song that I performed with my friend, A Great Big World’s Ian Axel, entitled ‘Nothing’s Impossible’, resonates with that spirit and with the essence of hope, a guiding star in my own life’s journey.  My hope is that these creative offerings can infuse some laughter, joy and a resilient spirit into the hearts of everyone who experiences them.”  

The Imaginary is now playing exclusively on Netflix.


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