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We’re excited to announce the release of THE DEAD DON’T HURT (MUSIC FROM THE MOVIE) with music by the film’s writer, director, producer and co-star VIGGO MORTENSEN. Available everywhere Friday, May 31, the album features original score music composed by Mortensen for his new feature, which follows two pioneers in the American West as they embark on a life journey fraught with obstacles. Utilizing a palette of solo piano, violin and cello, Mortensen has crafted a soundscape of intimately moving melodies, at times reserved and meditative and others deeply suspenseful and plaintive, capturing both the onscreen action as well as the film’s deeply nuanced portrait of revenge and forgiveness. The soundtrack is also available on CD in the U.S.


The Dead Don’t Hurt is a story of star-crossed lovers on the western U.S. frontier in the 1860s. Vivienne Le Coudy (Vicky Krieps) is a fiercely independent woman who embarks on a relationship with Danish immigrant Holger Olsen (Viggo Mortensen). After meeting Olsen in San Francisco, she agrees to travel with him to his home near the quiet town of Elk Flats, Nevada, where they start a life together. The outbreak of the civil war separates them when Olsen makes a fateful decision to fight for the Union. This leaves Vivienne to fend for herself in a place controlled by corrupt Mayor Rudolph Schiller (Danny Huston) and his unscrupulous business partner, powerful rancher Alfred Jeffries (Garrett Dillahunt). Alfred’s violent, wayward son Weston (Solly McLeod) aggressively pursues Vivienne, who is determined to resist his unwanted advances. When Olsen returns from the war, he and Vivienne must confront and make peace with the person each has become. Both a tragic love story and a nuanced depiction of the conflict between revenge and forgiveness, the film is a portrait of a passionate woman determined to stand up for herself in an unforgiving world dominated by ruthless men.

The Dead Don’t Hurt marks Mortensen’s second outing as writer-director after his highly acclaimed feature debut, 2020’s Falling. The film reunites Mortensen with key members of Falling’s creative team: cinematographer Marcel Zyskind (As in Heaven), production designers Carol Spier (Eastern Promises) and Jason Clarke (Black Mirror), and costume designer Anne Dixon (The Song of Names).





1. Title Chords

2. Burial

3. Convicted

4. Hanged

5. Je me souviens

6. Leaving With Vincent

7. Tracking

8. Vivienne’s Choice

9. A House is Not a Home

10. Looking Up

11. Forsaken

12. After

13. Mon Messager

14. Dansa d’amor – Rafel Plana

15. Olsen Returns

16. Acceptance

17. Lend a Hand

18. Treue Liebe – Friedrich Wilhelm Kücken

19. Pursuit

20. Showdown

21. Resolve

22. Return to the Sea

23. The Dead Don’t Hurt

24. Sierra Morena – Martín Sánchez Allú

**All tracks composed by Viggo Mortensen unless otherwise noted. 

Cello: Cameron Stone

Violin: Scarlet Rivera

Bass, Guitar, Percussion: Travis Dickerson

Piano, Bass, Guitar, Percussion: Viggo Mortensen

Player in Kendall’s Saloon: Rafel Plana, piano 

Players in Poodle Dog Restaurant & Cartwright’s Mansion: Isabel Palli, cello; Omar Sadith del Ángel Sánchez, violin

© Viggo Mortensen & Perceval Press 2024

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Screenshot 2024-05-22 at 4.44
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