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The Adam Project Cover Art

The Adam Project Music By Rob Simonsen

To save the future, he must team up with his past.

The Adam Project premieres on Netflix March 11 and features a star-studded cast: Ryan Reynolds, Mark Ruffalo, Jennifer Garner, Catherine Keener and Zoe Saldaña. This sci-fi comedy follows a time-traveling pilot on a quest to understand his past in order to save the future.

Composer Rob Simonsen‘s moving and cinematic soundscape is available everywhere now.

Of the soundtrack, composer ROB SIMONSEN says, “Scoring The Adam Project for director Shawn Levy has been a thrilling process with a lot of high fives and tears as we found the emotional line through this epic, hilarious and heartfelt film. We discovered simple melodies played on the piano, supported by processed ambiences and then blown out with full orchestra.” 

“I have admired Rob‘s music for a long time, and I’ve been waiting for the right story to collaborate on,” adds director SHAWN LEVY. “With The Adam Project, Rob and I started off with a concept for the score, one that we felt would be largely electronic and subversive of expectations. The more we lived with the footage, however, the more we listened to our movie, which led to a revelation of what the score should be. The Adam Project is a time travel adventure that aims to connect with audiences in a heartfelt way, not merely cerebral.  Consequently, Rob developed both tender piano-based themes and soaring, full-throated orchestral cues for our film. Rob’s majestic score became an integral part of the movie’s power, scope and emotionality.”  

The Adam Project is now streaming on Netflix.

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