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Red Hill Music By Dmitri Golovko

Red Hill is the feature film debut of Patrick Hughes, acclaimed director of the YoutTube short film sensation Signs. Starring Ryan Kwanten (True Blood) this modern Western set in Australia tells the story of a young police officer who just relocated to a small town. Enters Jimmy Conway, a convicted murderer, who escaped from jail and returns to the town seeking revenge. Caught in the middle of bloody payback time, Shane needs to take the law into his own hands if he is to survive.
The soundtrack album includes the beautiful score by Dmitri Golovko and several rock songs.

Dmitri Golovko is an award-winning composer, whose music has been heard across a wide variety of mediums. Based in Melbourne, Australia, Dmitri has done work ranging from music for films and television (advertising) to creating sound design for video games, even having his music performed at various global events.

In 2007, Dmitri first met Patrick Hughes when he was cast as an extra in a television commercial Hughes was directing. After hearing the advertisements’ music, Dmitri took the opportunity and created his own sound to work with and therefore, his own idea of the commercial to show to the director. He made such an impression that since then, the pair have collaborated on several projects including SIGNS. Red Hill marks Dmitri‘s first feature film score.

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