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My Hero Academia: World Heroes Mission (Vinyl) Music By Yuki Hayashi

*PREORDER* This album is expected to ship July 2022

Milan Records is excited to announce our release of My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) with music by Yuki Hayashi on vinyl. In World Heroes’ Mission, taking place during the Endeavor Agency arc of the manga, Izuku Midoriya and his classmates join the Pro-Heroes around the world for a mission to stop a devilish terrorist plan that will bring about the end of humanity.

Our My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) release is a double LP with one LP pressed on cerulean blue marble vinyl, and the second LP pressed on electric blue marble vinyl. The vinyl discs are housed in a gatefold jacket with credit insert.

Track List

A1. Humarise
A2. Terrorism
A3. Nerves Before Dispatch – The Story So Far
A4. Opening
A5. From the Slums to the Cities
A6. Incident Occurs
A7. Mysterious Villains
A8. Tactics
A9. Impatience
A10. Reasons to be Chased

B1. Wanted Criminal
B2. A Tough Decision
B3. Deku’s Whereabouts
B4. Rody’s Past
B5. Pursuer
B6. Inferiority Complex
B7. Rody’s Heart
B8. Surprise Attack
B9. Rescue
B10. Relief for Humanity

C1. Opposition
C2. Message
C3. Flect’s Trap
C4. Fight Against the Strong
C5. Flect’s Thoughts
C6. Flect’s Power

D1. Surrender
D2. Resolved Action
D3. Todoroki’s Counterattack
D4. The Spirit to Succeed
D5. Go Straight!
D6. Sacrifice and Peace – Friendship

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