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Manderlay Music By Joachim Holbeck

Manderlay is the second episode of an ambitious project called “USA – Land of Opportunity“. The trilogy is a fable on the USA during the Great Depression told by the mysterious and ambiguous character of Grace. Starring Bryce Dallas Howard in the role of Grace, Isaach De Bankole, Danny Glover and Willem Dafoe, Manderlay explores the life of a plantation in the American south and Grace‘s efforts to free slaves. As Dogville, Manderlay has been entirely shot on a stage with the locations’ shapes drawn with clay on the floor.
Milan Entertainment is proud to announce the release of the soundtrack of Manderlay, which will also include the music of Dogville (previously unavailable). Composer Joachim Holbeck has written an original score that also features classical pieces by the likes of Vivaldi, Haendel, rearranged by Joachim Holbeck himself. This album features the most significant and beautiful musical moments of both films as well as the classic song Young American by David Bowie.

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