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Dreamland Music By Rooney & Robert Schwartzman

Dreamland is a 2016 American comedy, drama, music film, directed by Robert Schwartzman (Francis Ford Coppola‘s nephew) in directorial debut, from a screenplay by Benjamin Font and Schwartzman. The movie follows Monty Fagan, embodied by Johnny Simmons, a part-time pianist and full-time underdog. As Monty fills in on the ivories at an upscale Los Angeles hotel, the seemingly dead-end assignment sets into motion a May-December roman that upends his home life and dramatically reshapes his worldview. In Monty‘s words, “Sometimes you have to step back and contemplate what it is you’re doing“.

Simmons skillfully handles Monty‘s growth, alongside a set of perfectly cast co-stars who push or manipulate him along the way: Amy Landecker, Frankie Shaw, Alan Ruck, Beverly D’Angelo, Noël Wells, elder Schwartzman Jason and their mother Talia Shire.

The music comes courtesy of Rooney and Robert Schwartzman himself. It also features cuts by Classixx, Cy Coleman, James McAlister and Jason Schwartzman‘s band Coconut Records

Available on 11/18/2016

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