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Global artists perform “Rocket To The Moon”

Global Artists Perform “Rocket To The Moon” from Netflix’s acclaimed animated film “Over The Moon”

Artist performing in order of appearance:

Cathy Ang – Rocket To The Moon (English)
Danna Paola – Viaje e la Luz (Spanish)
Akasa Singh – Banaake Rocket Jaaun Moon (Hindi)
Camille Bertault – M’Envoler (French)
Lilas Ikuta – ロケット・トゥ・ザ・ムーン~信じた世界へ~(Japanese)
Viki Gabor – Wznieść Się Chcę (Polish)
YooA – 《”Jeo Dal Neom-eoseo”》 (Korean)
Aitana – Volaré (Spanish Castillan)
Alma — Om lidt er jeg på vej (Danish)
Wiktoria – I det blå (Swedish)
Stina Tallinn – En rakett til måneland (Norwegian)
Priscilla Alcantara – Vou Voar (Portuguese)
Vanessa Mai – Fort von hier (German)
Edsilia Rombley – Raket naar de maan (Dutch)
Carmen Soliman – صاروخ للقمر (من فيلم Netflix “فوق القمر”) (Arabic)


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