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A First Taste of Colin Stetson’s Score for The Menu Has Arrived

Composer, saxophonist, and horror virtuoso Colin Stetson has shared the first track from his forthcoming score to the wildly dark new thriller The MenuThe vibrant album opener “All Aboard” offers an enticing first taste of the film’s original soundtrack, showcasing a lush, lighthearted arrangement of one of the film’s main recurring motifs. Of the track, Stetson comments, “The first theme I wrote for The Menu is that of the Amuse Bouche scene, wherein the first wink and tease of some as yet unseen darker subtext for the evening’s proceedings is peeking out. In ‘All Aboard,’ that theme is all frolic and pomp, of our diners blissfully unaware and delighting in the lavishness and importance of it all.”  

The Menu reunites Succession director and producer Mark Mylod and Adam McKay (who co-produced the film with Betsy Koch) to set the scene for a night of fine dining in the exclusive world of the culinary elite, and as in Succession, the score serves as a driving force behind the film’s heightened atmosphere of splendor and tension. On his creative process writing the score, Stetson adds, “from my first reading of the script to our last moments on the mix stage, my experience creating the music on this film has been an absolute joy, as the themes, refrains, and aesthetic have seemed to jump right off of the page and screen for me with every brilliant turn of phrase, perfect edit, and wickedly delivered performance. It is pure pleasure working with such an incredible team and I am truly grateful for the whole of it.”   

Starring Ralph Fiennes, Anya Taylor-Joy, Nicholas Hoult, Hong Chau, Janet McTeer, Reed Birney, Judith Light and John Leguizamo, The Menu debuts in theaters Friday, November 18 from Searchlight Pictures, with the full soundtrack released on the same day.

Check out “All Aboard” alongside the full tracklist below:

Tracklisting —

  1. All Aboard – IG # 1
  2. The Boat 
  3. Nature is Timeless 
  4. Welcome to Hawthorne 
  5. A Revolution in Cuisine 
  6. The Mess 
  7. Taco Tuesday 
  8. Our Side or Theirs 
  9. Fallen Angel 
  10. Take the Evening Air 
  11. Do You Think You’re Special? 
  12. The First Cheeseburger You Ever Ate 
  13. The Purifying Flame 
  14. Amuse Bouche (Reprise)

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