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Composer Spotlight: Keegan DeWitt

The latest edition of our monthly playlist series features composer Keegan DeWitt‘s handpicked selection of tracks that have inspired him throughout his career, particularly when writing his most recent score for the Netflix film adaptation of Jennifer Niven’s young adult novel All The Bright Places.

Of the playlist and his musical influences, Keegan says:

One of my inspirations as a young composer was Michael Nyman. From the minimalist beauty of his Wonderland score, to the maximalist romanticism of his score for The End of the Affair; he unlocked film composition for me in a way that I still aim towards. In combination with Ryuichi Sakamoto, I began as a composer aiming to find emotion through minimalism and desire. Eventually, I would discover Marjan Mozetich, as I bought a bottle of bourbon in Nashville, TN at 1AM in the morning… I stopped dead in my tracks as his “Postcards from the Sky” came across the radio faintly from the local classical station. In many ways, these three composers shaped who I started out as, and who I still aspire to be.

Listen to Keegan’s playlist below, and follow the playlist here for monthly updates!

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