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Taisei Iwasaki - Blood Blockade Battlefront

5 Questions with Blood Blockade Battlefront Composer Taisei Iwasaki

In our third installment of Anime Month Q&As, Japanese composer Taisei Iwasaki joins us to discuss his career and his process creating the high energy score for Blood Blockade Battlefront (Japanese: 血界戦線: Kekkai Sensen)

What was your favorite anime growing up?
Lupin the 3rd

Lupin the III
Lupin the III

What is the first anime you scored?
Kekkai Sensen (Blood Blockade Battlefront)

How did you become the composer of Kekkai Sensen?
The producer, who is my friend, invited me to that project.

Blood Blockade Battlefront - Guitar Gif
Blood Blockade Battlefront

Who is a dream director to work with?
Aaron Sorkin (if he will).

How did you come up with the ideas of a funk driven soundtrack for Kekkai Sensen with multiple vocalists?
Kekkai Sensen is set in NYC, which has turned into another world, so I composed the music with the idea of people living there composing and singing – so that’s how it turned out.

Blood Blockade Battlefront - Album Cover
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