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Emily Jane Whitereleases “Victorian America” on April 27th on Milan RecordsThe follow up to her 2007 beloved collection of beautiful, shadowy tunes “Dark Undercoat”, Emily Jane White was recently nominated for her third SF Weekly Music Award and has spent extensive time touring heavily in Europe. Rolling Stone: Hot Issue- Hot Chanteuse….enough gothic imagery for an Edgar Allan Poe novel….The Fader:“….White gives her wounds names and turns them into living characters, able to break hearts or carry axes. She personifies and abstracts them….”NPR:“….San Francisco-based singer-songwriter with a dark streak, has the perfect voice -- a coarse but beautifully aged alto soaked in rye….a beautifully produced collection of shiver-inducing songs, and one I'll return to many times this year.”Spin:“…Emily Jane White…a ghostly charisma that sets her starkly apart from peers…”Voice of America:“Emily Jane White performs richly descriptive songs that often tell dark and mysterious stories…. the music is filled with a warm physicality.”LA Record:“White has a voice that is luxuriously dark and peaceful, strumming her guitar with ease and an ear for both a poetic line and a musical phrase, and she absolutely has the face of an angel…..She’s a star. “PopMatters:“Emily Jane White is obviously a talented singer/songwriter. Her tunes are subtle and heartbreaking, full of empty space around her soft guitars and piano….”Gorilla vs Bear:“…a beautiful piece, both lyrically and musically…”Venus“Emily Jane White swings the pendulum back to music that requires steady listening…”
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