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I keep a list of songs I love on my computer. Songs that I think would be awesome for some future movie project I do. Many of the songs on this list have changed my life. Some of these songs, I would venture to say, have saved my life. I know it sounds hackneyed but I swear “This Year” by the Mountain Goats saved my life in 2010, the year I wrote Thanks For Sharing. The year before had been horrible: a terrible break-up that was mostly my fault, a devastating family death, months of searing self-doubt… I mean the hits just kept on coming that year. But through it all, this weird song buttressed me, held me up when I wanted to crash and burn. I can remember jumping rope in my living room to that song, tears streaming down my face as I shouted along to the refrain, “I am gonna make it through this year if it kills me!”

From Elvis Costello’s “Let Me Tell You About Her” to the Heavy’s “How You Like Me Now” to Billy Bragg’s haunting a cappella “Tender Comrade,” this movie’s soundtrack is heavily indebted to songs that have meant a lot to me over my life. When it came time to put music to this film, I drew down heavily from my list of songs, thinking to myself, “Hell, this may be the only movie I ever direct, let’s let it all hang out, baby.” The ones I chose were united by a common element: the primacy of the voice. Literally, their human voice. I wanted these voices to stand as counterpoint to the voices of characters who, throughout the movie, bare their souls in the safety of the rooms of their 12 step programs.

And when it came time to add score, I wanted melodies and instruments that captured the sweet and painful rawness of recovery. And I think the two guys I went to gave me just that. Craig Wedren’s jungle-throbbing, percussive street sounds viscerally capture the struggle to keep custody of your eyes on the sidewalks of New York. And Chris Lennertz’s exquisite piano theme is an arrow of simplicity aimed straight at the heart.

I hope you dig the music. I know I do. Now I just have to go out and live some more so I can replenish that list of songs of love.
- Stuart Blumberg